BNC ENGINEERING is an young Company located in Romania/Italy constituted by Italian Management and engineers who have over 40 years of experience in the water treatment.

BNC ENGINEERING is a leading solution provider with a wide range at water and wastewater purification, power plant , refinery utilities and Municipalities from simple plants to large turn-key projects on an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) scale.

Our Company is specialized in all aspects of water treatment and use state of the art technology with real time reporting so customers can see instant results.

The long Reference List of our technicians and the large satisfaction of our Clients worldwide, are the best guarantee of our success.

BNC ENGINEERING is born with the scope to bring to our Clients the best and actual technology for the required use of the produced water. Our Management is in the water’s market since 1980 and could see the develop of the best technologies in this sector.

Our advantages

A young Company with expert personnel.

Use of last art technology.

Fully engineering supply for any water treatment type.

Complete technical assistance.

Survey, assess and recommend ensuring conformance with current guidelines and legislation.

In big Companies it is often the case that products and services are sub contracted and our experienced consultants can help their technicians

Our consultancy service is there to discuss all issues that the Clients have and can be on hand when problems or new requirements arise.

Program objectives

Design and implement effective and innovative programs for the provision of reliable and safe drink water

Identify through practice and research effective drinking water practices that are implementable, cost effective and protective of public health

Ensure the legislation, policies and regulations and encourage the most effective practices 

Supply always a very reliable plant and engineering







BNC Engineering

"The water is condescending, mobile, transparent, tasteless. One easily has the impression that, in comparison with the rest of reality, it is in some way otherworldly."