"The water is condescending, mobile, transparent, tasteless. One easily has the impression that, in comparison with the rest of reality, it is in some way otherworldly".

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Reverse Osmosis

RO can remove such contaminants as lead, fluorides, chlorides, sodium and sulphates. RO system typically removes these types of “salts”, a final filter adds back essential minerals such as  calcium and magnesium.


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UF is a variety of membrane filtration in wich forces like presure or concentration gradients lead to a separation through a semipermeable membrane. UF membranes efficiently remove bacteria and viruses. 


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Ion Exchange

Ion exchange is a water process commonly used for water softening or demineralization where is required a very high quality but it is also used to remove other substance from the water.


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BNC ENGINEERING is an young Company located in Romania/Italy constituted by Italian Management and engineers who have over 40 years of experience in the water treatment.

BNC ENGINEERING  is a leading solution provider with a wide range at water and wastewater purification, pipe line, power plant, refinery utilities and renewable energy from simple plants to large turnkey projects on an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) scale.

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Our Services

We offer consultancy and design services for the construction of water purification plants, treatment and desalination of water and waste water.

The experience of our team allows us to better identify your needs and find the best solutions at the lowest possible cost. Our goal is the realization of efficient plants with low environmental impact that can allow to protect the water fauna, the health of people and the environment.

The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction and the quality of our products. This leads us to use raw materials of first choice without making compromises in favor of the gain

Our Work

For 40 years we have been doing our work with dedication and love to offer everyone a better life. 

We will continue to do our best in the future

Containerized BWRO plant - 1200 cmday - Iraq

Activated Carbon + Sand Filters - Bangladesh

Compact wwtp 10 m3 per hour - Turkey

DAF flotation plant - Colombo Airport Ceylon

Duplex sand filters for seawater - ENI platform (Nigeria)

Modular waste water treatment plant - Wafa site (Libya)

Seawater san pre-filter - Marocco

Skid mounted SWRO plant - Iran

Skid monted SWRO plant - Libya

Skid mounted SWRO plant - Libya

SWRO plant - 12000 m3 each day

Containerized SWRO plant - Mauritius

SWRO plant - 12000 m3 each day

DAF 1500 m3 per hour - Iran

Duplex demineralization plant - Ireland

Skid monted BWRO plant - Iran

BNC Engineering

"The water is condescending, mobile, transparent, tasteless. One easily has the impression that, in comparison with the rest of reality, it is in some way otherworldly."